Top 7 Plugins of 2020: All Freeware

  1. Depth Charge Compressor Great to Clarify Vocals: Start with Default settings, they’re surprisingly good…of course, voyage onwards

    Free download:

    Basically, this little unassuming, FREE unit works wonders on any vocal track. It works so good, that I’m putting it at number one. Gives clarity and high-end to my vocals, and probably does some amazing shit on a trained female voice, per se. I’d recommend it….fool around, not straying TOO too far from default, at the start, default settings actually do the tricks. When fooling around, turn the knob all the way one-way, listen, all the way the OTHER way, listen, then you know what end you want to ‘Favor’. Gotit? Go forth and enjoy this 1.
  2. Baxter EQ Great EQ for vocals, plus it’s FREE.

    Free download: (this gives the link to ALL the FREE plugins of this company..venture for solo baxter if you will, just remember you can probably just check the boxes of the plugins of the bundle that you DO want: even if only the One….)

    So basically, this allows for distortion-free elevation of vocals, while being useful in other areas as well, presumeably. IT just does such a good job of clarifying vocals, that I don’t really worry about giving it use on the beat or mastering- end of things. Handy, Smart, and Classy…..layout has character, but the playout is VERY TRANSPARENT. Great super duper and awesome describes this plugin ._.-*-._ 55′
  3. Sanford Bass Tightener Below is a Screen-Captured Shot. It is what it will look like in your DAW.-.-mono-ize + amplify

    Free Download: I love this plugin. For one, it’s very useful in that it applies Mono-Maker or Mono-izing on all the frequencies below where you set the frequency-dialer to. So it will blend and tighten the track inward, tightening and narrowing the stereo field in the bass end, allowing the treble/mids/high-lows to occupy the sides, the space, and the stereo field of width-intrinsicum. I’d recommend this to anyone doing hip-hop, and would probably be great for a rock track too. Come to think of it, EDM might be PRIME…..try it and let me know….._.-*-._pce
  4. Loudmax (True Inter-sample Peak Limiter Plus GREAT for eliminating distortion transparently, excellently- I do sayy.:))


    I love love love this plugin. When I first started using it, i made the mistake of linking the thresh. and output levels….additionally, I didn’t click the ISP option in the middle (not in THIS picture for some reason?). ISP means inter-sample peakes, where it peaks and cause clipping and other nasty things, within where the technology is Sampling it. I’m not an Inter-Sampling Peak-Limiting expert though, so my explanation is elementary at best. However, I don’t need ISP degrees to know that if I set threshold to -0.1 and Output to -0.8 that vocals will be limited perfectly, transparently, and extra-flavour in the high-end will also result. The reason for that, I am not entirely sure….though I could presume and pontificate: But I won’t. Just DOWNLOAD LOUDMAX!!! IT”S THE BOMB!! _.-*-._ !!
  5. Cocoa Delay Great for adding delay but wanting some CONTROL over how much and what FLAVOUR of delay is to be enlisted

    Free Download:

    This one I really like. The wet knob proves helpful, just basically cranking it down to a minute (mine-oot not min-ut) value, and the low-cut high-cut you might get a headache over, but just try and understand it by cranking wet levels to 100 and experimenting with those. It has a distortion option, and LOTS and LOTS of crazy feaatures to tweak around on, including: LFO, ducking, drifting, and Feedback, and yet still more. OVerall, it’s good to add a suble thickness and richness to a track, be it vocals (singing) or (rapping). Would and Could likely be good on a kick-drum too….thinking off the top on that last comment….._.-*-._pce
  6. TDR Kotelnikov Hands-Down Amazing Compressor

    Free Download:

    Don’t get me started. Thsi plugin’s low freq relax is sophisticated, as is every parameter you can dial into this super-transparent, workhorse, clarity-inducer of-a-compressor……it’s dope….it’s FREEWARE, fuck. Just try it out. Work it out. Don’t give up. You’ll get the results you’re looking for…..this is the type of plugin you could teach a class about.
    *Quick Tip* Have the Release RMS 2.5 times bigger than the Release PEAK* ^^^^additionally, look at the side meter to tell how much gain reduction is being applied, so you can mirror that in the make-up knob. Have fun with this one…..II know I did, and will….haha….pce
  7. Bee-Happy 550 Lite

    Free Download:
    I think this plugin is a great transparent Equalizer. It has a nice sound, and its operation is simple and straightforwards. I generally think of it as a go-to for vocals, but it has good usefulness in Mastering as well! Get bee-happy and be bee-happy: or just bee lite 550 shit I’m heavier than 50 , 278 and that’s light for me, fight for me, cus I fight for unity, but today i made a list for you to see. Enjoy Yourself, Play Hard and Have Fun 🙂

    Derek Schmidt aka D-Lithicaka D-Smooth

    ——————TOP PLUGINS of 2020——————

Thus end——————TOP PLUGINS of 2020——————the end

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